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In Venezuela, word for friend, buddy, pal. Used interchangeably with pana, chama, chamo.
Epa, querria una empanada.
by Regner January 23, 2006
22 25
slang for East Palo Alto
i need to go see Marquita in Epa.
by yay area baby May 28, 2005
213 50
Juxtaposed to the affluent ignorance of Palo Alto, and permenantly located in the REAL WORLD, East Palo Alto is home to blunts, bitches, boughties, and biffs. Also the home of the greatest deal on earth, Two-fo-da-bideen ro. Kavanaugh,
I dont know about no president with no dog, ro. Goin to war n shit in Iraq ro. I dont know. I be Fightin my wo, every damn day, on the streets of EPA.
by Lu Xiangshang October 29, 2003
204 112
Stands for East Palo Alto, a town in the Yay Area California
EPA, East Palo Alto northern california
by Jersey Kid January 27, 2008
56 20
Acronym that stands for the US Environmental Protection Agency.
The EPA sets safeguards to protect human health and the natural environment.
by souldier August 31, 2008
60 37
Described by the comic book guy as the sound made by Sinestro after being thrown into a pit of lava.
by Arcticfox2 July 23, 2008
28 17
Pretending to protect the environment, while making the rest of us suffer into paying higher taxes. And making sure our jobs are outsourced overseas mainly into China and India.
EPA, Employment Prevention Agency
by Most_Hated December 24, 2010
40 36
Extracurricular Piece of Ass: someone you engage in sexual activity with but they are not your significant other. This is similar to a booty call.
I was out at the club looking for an E.P.A. but all I got was a few phone numbers.

My wife is gone for the weekend and I need to find me an E.P.A. to keep me company at night.
by enzodog May 02, 2011
2 0