In Venezuela, word for friend, buddy, pal. Used interchangeably with pana, chama, chamo.
Epa, querria una empanada.
#pana #chama #chamo #friend #pal #amigo
by Regner January 23, 2006
The Environmental Protection Agency.
Doesn't do that much to protect the environment. Created by Richard Milhaus Tricky Dick Nixon and mostly is concerned with things that would be an "eyesore" to snobby suburbanite conformists.
The EPA says you cant collect "junk" on your property, even when you live a mile from your closest neighbor and your assemblage poses no threat to the water or air supply.

The EPA says that all abandoned buildings should at some point be demolished, regardless of their architectural or historic value.
#yuppie scum #conformists #zoning #tear down #waste #landfill capacity #please recycle #richard m nixon #usa
by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 09, 2006
Spanish slang term used as an interjection, to convey surprise or alarm
¡Epa! Que traes, vato?
by Asmodeus December 07, 2003
Epic Proportion Assplosion. When the assplosion is so forcefull and hard it basically coats the bowl in one huge deluge of shit. The end result is a dirty, steamy, gas mask enduced defecation.

"Dude my stomach hurt so much that when I sat down on the toilet I had an EPA!"
#shit #assplosion #diarrhea #ass #assplode #shits #runs
by Danny Kaz May 18, 2007
Environmental Protection Agency
So fuck you very much the EPA
For giving all Alaska's oil away
by Pixie March 29, 2005
used in mexican spanish as WHAT or WORD
we were watching big brother and that chic was in the shower and took of here top all the guys were like EPA!
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
Economic Paucity in America. The EPA is an organization of eco loonies, who are directly responsible for the current high gas prices. They mandate different blends of gasoline for each US city, supposedly to reduce emissions. These blends actually DECREASE your gas mileage, which in turn drives up the demand for petroleum. They are also against any exploration for new sources of crude oil, which puts us at the mercy of our enemys, the muslims, as well as dictators such as Hugo Chavez. This anti-exploration attitude results in decreased supplies of crude. Now, for those of you educated in a government school, here is a simple economics lesson: when an item is rare, it gets expensive. When an item is pleantiful, it gets cheap. Now that you know this basic economic lesson, you can see that the EPA is directly responsible for the high gas prices. Along with the federal gas tax of 50-65 cents a gallon, while "big oil" only makes an average of 9 cents a gallon.
The EPA should be abolished.
#epa #communist #socialist #marxist #bad #for #america #big #government
by everynameitryistaken April 27, 2006
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