An HBO television franchise premised on the lifestyle of a newly established A-list Celebrity and his lifelong friends from Queens, New York. Unfortunately, the storyline of each episode mostly revolves around monetary-gratifying activities and situations not really stimulating any original insight into the life of fame and filmmaking.
A typical sort of uninspiring, unmeditative, ''entertaining'' scene on the show:

Ext. Pool Patio - Hotel Resort
Rap music in the air. Young Cocktail Waitresses servicing drinks, generic vactioners all getting along with footlong smiles. Blonde Model 1 rushes to catch a beach ball and splashes into the pool by accident, a shrill scream of delight as the excess water lands on Turtle who is spread out on a deck chair with the rest of the entourage.

F**** baby, watch the shirt. Look at this, brand new Sean Jean.

I didn't know they sold Sean John at Ross Turtle.

They sell this at Ross too, bitch ?

Turtle raises arm, a shining diamond studded rolex shines on his wrist. Nobody looks up from their carefree laying-suntanning position. A woman in a skimpy buisness outfit walks up to Vince.

Mr. Chase on behalf of the Standart Hotel I'd like to give you these Spa passes, good for a session with anyone of our expert massage therapists...

A line of attractive females in Bikinis line up. ETC.

When Vince makes an independent film set in Queens , we never see any critical parts of it because although the series can re-create fake clips of Blockbusters candy like " Aquaman " , making a believable endearing work of art is beyond the show's conceptional techniques.

Entourage gives edification to the Hollywood of Entertainment Tonight or E!, not from a standard of aesthetic realism.
by Nick2007 December 10, 2006
Top Definition
An HBO series about a guy from Queens, NY who goes out to Hollywood and becomes a mega star. His boys Turtle and E and brother Johnny Drama are is entourage. Jeremy Piven stars as Ari Gold, Vince's money hungry and comedic agent. The show is all about what these guys do all day..Smoke weed, hang out with hot chicks, go shopping, play golf and all that other cool shit.
Aside from The Sopranos, Entourage is the best series on HBO.
by chris diesel January 25, 2005
Entourage. The greatest show on television. The story line follows Vincent Chase, played by gorgeous Adrian Grenier, on his path to Hollywood mega-stardom. Along with his "entourage", consisting of his best friend and manager, Eric or E, Turtle, brother Johnny "Drama" Chase and powerful and obnoxiously hilarious agent Ari "The Shark" Gold (played by adorable Jeremy Piven), the gang rules Los Angeles. From picking up beautiful girls and hitting the hottest clubs to finding new movies to star in and deciding between a Benz and Rolls, the boys are always on top of their game.

A hilarious script, awesome plot line and sexy actors.

Note: This show is loosly based on Mark Wahlberg's personal experiences in L.A.
To get laid, all Turtle, Drama or E have to say is "I'm part of Vincent Chase's entourage"
by just entouraging it January 02, 2006
The posse that follows a celebrity wherever he/she goes.
Puff Daddy always has an entourage following him.
by GuidoPosse69 February 21, 2005
Social and financial parasites; pop-culture yes-men; fair-weather friends. People who ride on the success of others until the money runs out on the theory that brown nose + someone else's cash = I get paid.
Iron Mike's entourage bled him white.
by Git Offa My Lawn August 11, 2004
The best show on television, period. Entourage is about 4 middle-aged guys from Queen's who are at the peak of their careers (Except for Johnny Chase), who go to parties, have sex, get drunk/stoned, and make movies. (Vince is the only one who actually makes movies, Eric is his manager, Turtle is a manager of rappers such as Saigon, and Johnny Chase is Vince's brother who has been trying to find a job for about 10 years since he started his cold strike). They all live in Vince's mansion and party 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Entourage is the best show ever made.
by El Joey April 27, 2007
The feeling of extreme irritation you experience when the email function on your apple mac malfunctions yet again.
Moluk: "Watch out for Jenny! She's experiencing some serious entou-rage at the moment because her mac has crashed for the fifth time today!"
Cassie: "Jeezuz! Who can blame her? It stresses me out so much when that happens!"
by Clarebear81 December 02, 2010
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