Greatest site in the world
Man did you see that new shit on "Entensity?"
by Bobd314 June 18, 2004
Top Definition
Greatest website known to man. Famous for "Owning" people. RUles!
Owned by Entensity
by TekNo April 15, 2004
A crazy cool site. A little bit better than Ebaumsworld. is more extreme. Also known for W.O.W Whack Off Wednesday. And everyone loves a good "Damn nigga!"
That pic was awesome..."damn nigga!"
by DyeDyeDye April 18, 2005
A site containing humorous pictures, videos, and has its own forum. Famous for its pictures such as "Damn Nigga!" and "Owned." Shunned by anyone falling deep into religious stature, and anyone spineless. A very popular website for an after-the-day type scenario for anyone capable of enduring the most intense, insane, racist, and brutally honest pictures/videos on the net.

A++ for
"Hey, did you see that video on entensity? Holy fucking shit!"
by Dueñas August 17, 2008
a forum in which several hundred homosexual male teenagers conjoin to converse about various topics including male orgies, goatses, and the stretch capabilities of the anal region.
Hey, check out those homos in the parking lot! I bet they frequent the Entensity forums.
by anonymous April 07, 2005
formally know as,

They like to steal the new found images and movies from other sites such ass,,, and

But, it's a very nice site. is a joke.
by entensity May 02, 2005

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