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Greatest website known to man. Famous for "Owning" people.
Entensity.net RUles!
Owned by Entensity
by TekNo April 15, 2004
A never ending series of crappy music. I think we're up to Now 57...I'm serious do a google search for Now 57 cd.
Now 57?! When will the fucking madness end?!
by TekNo May 02, 2004
Some okay weed, it kind of sucks.
Yo man you want some midis? Naw man i'd rather have beasters.
by TekNo April 13, 2004
Nicole's such a mofoka sometimes!
by Tekno December 16, 2002
The joint that holds a paintball holder to the paintball gun.
I lost my elbow. OH NO
by TekNo May 28, 2004
Marijuana addicts. "Potheads"
Man, those heads smell of reefer.
by TekNo April 20, 2004
A "band" of fags sing about fucking like animals for no reason
The Blood Hound Gang sucks balls.
by TekNo April 14, 2004

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