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a drink used to gain or maintain a healthy weight.
I drank ensure after recovering from anerexia nervosa
by Sofie S May 29, 2005
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To make sure. Not to be confused with insure.
He ensured that I wouldn't get any leftovers by getting home before me and eating all of them.
by Diggity Monkeez January 14, 2005
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Things that you have acquired to stop certain things from happening. E.g. insurance prevents bankruptcy. Used by Western Australian yuppies.
"Right, so we're going skydiving. Got all the ensures you need?"
by Dylan Hewson April 21, 2005
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staple of underfed homosexual dredge-queens trying to stay thin well past their prime and failing as they look more AIDS than Laids
I met this scrawny, jaded faery in Chicago that rented an old ballet studio; great layout with massive sq.footage, 12 ft. ceilings, multiple parlors, and mirrored hallways. How he paid for it as a interior house painter is beyond me. The point where I decided to remember the address was when I saw him sipping on an Ensure he tore from a sixpack and blandly talking about the last job - "3 months ago". I forgot to check back to see if it the place was available, but I know he's dead. I just know it. Somewhere on or just off of Halstead. Go find it!
by sadjitarius March 23, 2008
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