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Post-Coitus Flatulence.

Farting that can occur after sex. May be mistaken for beer farts if sex occurs after a night of heavy drinking. Should beer farts be mistaken as PCF, you may end up literally shitting the bed.
Girl: I'm exhausted. Let's cuddle.
Guy: Sure
Guy: Oh no. I'm going to ruin the moment. *FART*
Girl: PCF is so gross.
by Skootles May 21, 2010
The extra beer you bring to a party to ensure you will have enough to get yourself drunk.

Commonly misspelled as "insurance beer."
Guy 1: Well I've got this 12-pack for myself, but I don't know if it'll be enough
Guy 2: Grab some ensurance beer, better safe than sorry.
by skootles September 01, 2010
Skootles is a stuffed duck that is vert fat. Skootles feeds on anything he can get his little "hands" on. Be afraid, very afraid!
Skootles the duck is eating the entire truck
by Skootles February 15, 2005

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