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another way of saying init
"Where you off to?"
"jus gonna cotch down the park enit"
"safe safe bizzle den"
"inabit blud"
by shivi [x] February 25, 2007
a distorted and short way of saying "isn't it" or to agree. mainly used by native americans and recently british people.
leroy: man that car is bangin!
chris: enit.
by x January 11, 2004
to ask if you agree, agreeing, it is used frequently by native americans on reservations in normal conversations usually said without thought.
that was a good game enit
by sam red eagle December 02, 2003
also ennit or innit - attach to end of any sentence - means absolutely nothing. Used frequently by native americans.
What are you doin' enit?
This is a sad song enit.
Jeeeze mom I dont wanna go to school enit.
by bean sauce October 23, 2003