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An English girl's pussy
Keira Knightley has a nice English Muffin.
by Your Mom's Box October 06, 2003
the act of oral sex performed on a woman while she defecates; a gender-reversal of the blumpkin
I heard Ru-Bear gave her the old English muffin last week. It didn't turn out too well for him.
by Silent Avenger February 06, 2010
someone who is a british bastard or just of british accent.

someone who looks like an english muffin
your a gayass englishmuffin.
by Byakuya Kuchiki April 16, 2010
English men of slight build. Often wearers of cardigans and smokers of pipe tobacco. A refined gentlemen.
"that bloke you're seein' has more knitted sweaters than bill cosby"..."yeah, he is a real english muffin".
by ednamillion October 02, 2011
1. A term for someone from England, taken from the breakfast food that is The English Muffin;

2. Can sometimes be used in a negative way, as in saying a person is soft.
"Are you an English Muffin?"

"Bloody twat's a Muffin."
by Kitty KT February 08, 2006
A stuck up, old, english person that corrects your grammer...or really anything they can correct with their nose in the air.
I laaahhned good in biohlagy today grandma

british grandma: you leehhned GOOD young mahnn?!?!?

grandson: LEHNED WELL grandmuthah LEHNED WELL!! reeaally, you ah SUCH an ENGLISH MUFFIN!!!
by PANduhPAANTS October 13, 2008
A silly British kid who does not understand the American ways.
Tom Gates is an English Muffin
by AHaigh93 September 08, 2010