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All engineers, especially ones that hang out and look at computer dating services all day. A person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.
Why are you such an enginerd?
by K November 30, 2003
56 172
A person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems, and is felt to be socially inept. This person can also portray symptoms of a large ego, knowledge of too many keyboard shortcuts, and overall addiction to his/her computer. Most are in denial of their 'enginerdiness'.
by gina rindero July 25, 2003
200 56
Someone who applies scientific knowledge to any problem. Has a common tendency to over-complicate simple solutions, see Rube Goldberg.
Enginerd: So, if we apply the Brownian theory of molecular movement, we can determine exactly how hot your syrup is, and how hot is *NEEDS* to be can be found by applying...
Mundane: Seriously, why'd you have to get all enginerd about it? Just use a thermometer.
by Dasai November 14, 2005
34 4
FIRST Robotics Competition Team 2337 of Grand Blanc High School

Creators of the Ahhh Boom in 2008 and the most widely used suspension device in Breakaway
Dean: Did you see the suspension at IRI last month?
Dave: yeah man, that was the fourth this year for the EngiNERDs
by Basel A August 18, 2010
6 2
A male engineer.
Did you see 4 eyes over there, he was a total enginerd
by BRDR March 02, 2011
2 9
anyone that goes to brooklyn tech h.s.
"i go to tech"
"haha ur such an enginerd"
by Stay_Fly November 15, 2005
1 51
One who understands not only the mathematical use of Greek letters as variables and numbers, but has also learned of the basis and origin of these Greek letters: that the ancient Greeks left a snake in a room and came back at certain time intervals to check what shape the snake was in, and thus based their letters on that shape.
Take a look at the Greek letter "eta", and realize how much that looks like a snake in some random position. Then look at lowercase "delta". Then move on from there
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