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Location where a mass of nerds exists such as si-fi convention, WOW forum, or etc.
Dude that place was a total nerdery.
by BRDR March 02, 2011
NOUN \Ner-di-tor-ee-uhm\

A place of work or play. A nerditorium is commonly a place of work such as the Geek Squad at Best Buy. It could also be the a name for the engineering buildings at a school, the possibilities are endless but if the sciences are taking place at said location chances are its a nerditorium.
Andrew I'll meet you at the nerditorium to look at that data.
by BRDR March 02, 2011
A male engineer.
Did you see 4 eyes over there, he was a total enginerd
by BRDR March 02, 2011

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