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This occurs when you are the last person to make a positive comment on someone's social media page. Everyone is so infatuated with this person and there are lots of positive comments! But then - it's like your comment is viewed as uninvited ("who is this?"), unenlightened ("didn't we just say that?") or as patronizing ("oh, of course you'd say that"). After your comment, all activity on the original comment stops cold! You are the last person to leave a flattering comment, hence your text is the endfatuation!

Everyone is so infatuated with someone on a social media site but when you add your comment, further activity comes to a halt!
You agree with earlier post(ers) that this person really rocks at her job in making the public aware of big companies contaminating ground water with their waste run-off. You chime in with an "attaboy!" comment, which becomes the endfatuating post - the last complimentary post.

Or you just add your complimentary comment about someone's looks today to the other comments already there, "hey, looking pretty good today!" and the rest clam up, leaving you feeling like the red-headed stepchild ("Who asked you?"). Your comment is the endfatuation of comments.
#flattery #infatuation #endfatuation #attaboy #red-headed stepchild
by Bezzy April 29, 2013
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