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2 definitions by ShawnTheNinja

When a person younger and/or shorter than you harasses you (verbally, sexually, painfully, etc.).

OMG! Spencer just emued Luke! And right in the balls too!!!
by ShawnTheNinja October 08, 2007
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1. When dorks & their friends get together to pretend to be ninjas by doing somersaults and kicking each other.

2. What to do at work when you're bored.

3. What people with no social lives do on the weekends.
1. Yea! It's Ninja-time!!!!!

2. Nick got fired for using work for Ninja-time.

3. So me & Julianne are gonna go to the park for Ninja-time on Saturday. Wanna come?
by ShawnTheNinja October 08, 2007
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