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Emty sack - An empty sack is a ballsack that hasno sperm inside it.
Guy: Hey bitch im guna come all over you
Gal: Go on then big boy
Guy: Oh no i have an empty sack!
Gal: Omg!
by Tjdjmaster May 30, 2008
The residual garbage you are left with after a failed sexual experience; an unfilled condom.
Evan: "Sammmmmmaaaaaayyyy did you lay a fat nut on that chick's face last night?"

Sammy: "nah man... she made me use a condom, so you know I was left with an empty sack."

Eric: "Hey Gabe, why are you in such a bad mood, bro?"

Gabe: "Listen Brother, you'd be in a bad mood too if an empty sack was sitting YOUR trash bin."
by MadeThatBitchFRAMEOUS July 13, 2016
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