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The salacious look given by a dirty strumpet indicating that one is welcome to plunge one's eager, straining member deep within her pulsing anus.
Edwina, after years of secretly longing for someone to bash her backdoors in, finally plucked up the courage to slip Harold the brown wink and readied her botty for a bruising.
by Duncolini April 24, 2008
1. Spray or sprinkle
2. Brewing process
Oli roared with all the might of a lion as he violently sparged on the bulbous tittage afore him.
by Duncolini December 04, 2007
The act of eking one's seed out from the testes. Ejaculating. Spunking up a storm in a lady's teacup. Cleaning one's pipes.
Farquar's hand was a blur as he frantically, desperately reached the point of no return. "By Jove, I think it is time to empty one's sack" he ejaculated, plum firmly in his mouth, and with a gruff grunt of pleasure, he emptied his sack onto the shiny, firm booty that was splayed before him.
by Duncolini January 09, 2008
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