An employee of Silver Bay Association, a small conference center in the Adirondacks. Emps work in housekeeping, the Boathouse, the Dining Hall, Collins Equipment Center, the Craft Shop, Children's Camps, Administration, and The Store. On their time off, they party at "the dunes" or relax on the dock of the ERC (emp recreation center). Working as an emp is one of the best jobs one can have.
"When I graduate high school, I want to be an emp!"
by Snoopyyy September 20, 2009
Top Definition
The EMP, or Electromagnetic pulse, is a rapid magnetic fluctuation which induces pulses of current in unshielded electronics. Natural sources of EMP include lightning, whereas artificial ones include a nuclear blast.

A nuclear blast generates an EMP via gamma radiation interacting with air molecules to create Compton electrons. These create a brief current and an associated electromagnetic pulse. This is especially hazardous with an exo-atmospheric nuclear blast outside the atmosphere, as the region affected by Compton electrons in such a manner becomes enormous and the electrons will rotate around the Earth's natural magnetic field lines, creating a vast pulse.

EMPs and NEMPs are extremely hazardous to unshielded electronics, causing rapid fluctuations in current, especially in long wires or antennae.
Yes, this might be something of an intellectual masturbation, but it's more fun than actually working. Hey-ho.
by victorhadin December 07, 2003
(Phrase) Slang for Eat My Pussy. Commonly used in the hallways of Catholic schools in order to disguise the true message at hand.
Stacy: Hey Rachel, what's up
Rachel: Hello Stacy, why don't you EMP!
by lilrere September 11, 2007
1. ElectroMagnetic Pulse. A "wave" that could potentially cripple every industrialized nation, silently. It basically fries circuits in an electronic device, rendering it useless. And since most national defense grids are made up of electronic relay circuits, you've got yourself a prime target right there.

2. English Muffin Pizza. The name pretty much speaks for itself; it's a pizza on an English Muffin. Very tasty with the right combination of sauce and cheese.
1. A nuclear bomb is not only catastrophic for living things, but it can also shut down an entire city WITHOUT killing a single person. Theoretically.

2. EMP's are a great dinner when you're too poor to afford a real pizza, or you're just to lazy to pick up the damn phone and call Domino's.
by zomgwtflolbbq March 25, 2007
the internet slang for ''eat my pussy'' usually used when making bad comments for video someone doesn't like
"E.M.P bitch ;)"
by WEIRDO2 August 16, 2011
Eat my pussy.
Son: Dad, we're out of food. I need something to eat.
Dad: EMP
Son: dude...
by Fedora Cock January 03, 2015
Electromagnetic Pulse.
"When a nuclear bomb explodes, a whole shitload of EMP is discharged, and powerful enough to turn all appliances into toast!"
by Dave March 31, 2004

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