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eat my pants
EMP u motherfuckerz
by kickbuttsurrey October 25, 2010
an empowered america online account - either an internal or overhead.
my emp has rainman access - setting up that keyword now bbl.
by phillip nis March 18, 2008
EMP is an acronym for Electronic Monitoring Program. It is when a person has to wear an ankle bracelet and be under home monitoring for a certain period of time. A person on EMP cannot step out of the house within a certain boundary. If that person has to go somewhere like to drug class or church they have notify their EMP P.O. before they leave and then once they arrive home. If they do try to leave and run around the streets the other side of the monitor where the probation offices are will begin beeping.

Note that there is a difference between House arrest and EMP. EMP you wear a monitor, house arrest you don't.

People under EMP have to pay for the ankle bracelet and the machine which is usually over $600.
I'm on EMP for a drug offense

Man that sucks.
by queefless August 05, 2009
Extreme emo; one letter beyond emo (em+p)
"I enjoy fallin asleep to Les Mis. Call me emp but I loves it, I do."
by Cazimi January 08, 2010
EMP = Empire

A group that moderates the Gay & Bi chat room on Stickam.com. Known for the Extremely intelligent rantings of their leader, Emporor Dominar.
EMP=Empire. We moderate this chat room and do other fun stuff.
by Morph26 November 24, 2008
Epic Motherfucking Phail.

A fail so epic that not only did the spelling of the word 'fail' change, just for that moment but it also fucked several mothers.
He fucking walked into a doorknob...EMP.
by Fenikkusu24 June 13, 2010
A slang term for mp3, or a verb that means to download mp3s.
You got Tha Carter IV? Send me those emps!

I've been emping all day, and my ratio on Waffles.fm still sucks!
by owenb August 15, 2008