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Sad pathetic losers, who think they are Emos just because they made their parents buy them a pair of converses. They buy lots of albums such as Taking Back Sunday's and make sure everybody knows, so that they appear to be and emo and to be included in the scene. however they still buy their clothes from mark one, and were townie jeans and tops and don't understand at all what they are getting into. they think they're really cool, but the people who really are emos think they are sad and generally pity them.
WannabeEmo: Look at me!i'm a emo!

Emo: No your not, so shut up.
by Emma March 27, 2005
All wannabes are bad, but Emo wannabes annoy me the most. They can usually be seen wearing a band top/hoodie which they don't even listen to, jeans or black trousers, fake Converse or chunky trainers, cheap black & red or black & white stripy gloves, wrist bands (usually checkered) and braclets, stitch band names on their school bags and put badges of HIM and Greenday on their hoodie and/or bag, and if they take their wannabe-ness to another level, they might dye their hair black and/or get a stud. They usually have no knowledge whatsoever of the Emo music and how the whole thing works, but they want to be differant so they turn to the emo crowd. One day they think to themselves: "I want to be cool like that guy" so the next school day the completly change their look and have a go at their friends for because they don't like Emo music, even though they don't know it themselves. In their MSN names, they sometimes display flowers (which usually face down), the letters are "uSuAlLy SpElT lIkE tHiS" and make up a very un-convincing depressing quote. They will also try to be random, which means they'll pretend to find 'cheese' and 'pie' funny.
Scene Kid: So what's your favourite Fallout Boy song?

Emo wannabe: Umm.... the one with that reindeer guy!

Scene Kid: You mean "Sugar, we're going down"?

Emo wannabe: Oh yeah that's what it's called I forgot!

Scene Kid: Haha! You're such a wannabe loser...
Someone who dons the typical emo wardrobe, emo pants, emo haircut but has no idea about the mind set. The tell every one how emo they are, and tell every one about there emo music collection of emo rock. They tell the world how crap there life is even no its not bad at all. They enjoy posing for emo shots, lookin at the camera with a “look at me, im awesomely emo” expresion on their faces. they also think cutting themselves makes them emos
emo wannabe: i went to a "thursady" concert - total emo rock
real emo: i saw u there
emo wannabe: then i went home and cut my wrist after *shows damaged wrists*
real emo: ur such a poser - you emo wannabe *punches wannabe*
by miss maddy May 13, 2006
the groups of kids, usually preps, who deciede they want to be part of this whole emo scene we have going on at the moment. they do this as they believe its cool and the thing to do when actually they end up looking like idiots as you can tell their fakeness.

1)when one deciedes they want to become emo, the first step is to buy a pair of converse, (the girls usually go for pink), as they see other "emo" kids wearing them. if they're really brave they might go a stap further and buy some checkered hardcore of them.

2)this is the stage when they add themselves to myspace and browse the whole site looking for the real 'uns to add. most of the time they can be rejected but the ones who do accept them regret it later as they realise wannabe has now copied their layout,name etc.
they also take a photo of themselves,camera above them or in the mirror, with a screwed up look on their face to express their co-called pain.

3)the image change stage- this is the stage where mr & miss wannabe go and buy some new clothes to make them appear more emo. the girls find a cheap studded belt and some cheap-ass jewellery and some lame-ass t-shirt. the boys are them same too.

the really hardcore wannabes also dye their hair at this stage. they usually go for the black or reddish colour and mention the recent dye jobs at every chance they get stating they felt like "rebelling against their parents".

4) this is where they branch out and try going to a show. they move their lips a lot pretending they know the words when they dont or only know the choruses. the brave ones go up to the real kids and try to make convosation with them about their pain and deathwishes. none of which they have.

so their, we have it. the 4 main stages of emo wannabe-ness. of course we have other tiny changes we see happening in between but lets face it, the wannabes aren't helpin themselves,are they?

emo wannabe girl - so i bought some converse at the weekend.

real kid - great, i heard you got a ticket to the used show later this week?

wannabe - YEAH! cant wait. great place to tell everybody about how emo i am and i can express my pain.

real kid - why? the shows about listening to the music and why the heel did you just label yourself emo...all the idiots do that...your really low
by redxromance May 15, 2007
Emo wannabes will want to act like they're the real thing,which of course, they're not. The emo-girl wannabes will like to go to 'Claires' and 'Ardene' and buy damn cheap skull necklaces and emo-stripe gloves. They think just because they try to dress like the real emos they think they're a part of it. And HEY, those boneheads will do anything to be LIKE an emo but they never will understand what it is. If another emo tries to strike up a conversation to test them, they'll give a lame excuse and get out of it. They'll dye their hair, go to freaking Hot Topic, all those. But hello, those airheads know NOTHING about the emo culture.
emo kid:I saw you in Hot Topic yesterday.

emo wannabe:Yeah! I got these awesome skull t-shirts and stuff!HEEHEE!

emo kid: Why.

emo wannabe:Cuz I'm like a emo! And everyone knows emos lyke bands lyke Metro Station and stuff lyke thaaat!

emo kid: (fuck off)
by xXxNot-Like-ThemxXx March 02, 2009
bunch of fucks i see at school everyday!!! they run around my highschool with the runs of eyeliner,fake converse, mcr shirts and "emotional" vandalized on their arms... they think they ae so hardcore with their allblack outfits and if rancid is fucking emo!!! on their schoolbags they write "antichrist" and "emo"... fucked up posers...
me:are you suicidal?
emo wannabe:cuz im an emo!!!
by im not emo!!! October 19, 2007
An emo wannabe is usually some nerd or loser who doesn't have any friends. They go on google and look up 'emo' alot and then go buy a whole bunch of crappy cheap stuff. Like: fake converse, weird stripy arm warmers, and all black clothing. Then they get obsessed with totally mainstream 'emo' bands like My Chemical Romance or Fall out Boy. They totally redecorate their Myspace and make it all dark and depressing and talk about hate and how emo they are. And then, they post up weird 'emo' pictures of themselves. Oooh and they wear way too much eyeliner and paint their nails black. They try to attract the attention of SCENE kids and go around talking about how depressed they are. Emo wannabes usually don't end up looking 'emo' they just look like some weird scary nasty looking gothish...freak. 'Emo' wannabes also have an unhhealthy obsession with Twilight and Vampires. :D
Emo Wannabe: Look at meee! I'm so depressed and dark! And I dyed my hair all black! Lookit my black clothes!!!

Scene Kid: What the flick?

Emo Wannabe: Hey! OMG! You're emo too! Let's be friends! I looove My Chemical Romance! It helps me when I'm totally depressed and sad.

Scene Kid: Ummm...okay, first of all, I'm not emo. And second of all, I don't even listen to My Chemical Romance.

Emo Wannabe: What aboot Fall Out Boy! Omg! I love Pete Wentz! He is like, soooo hawt! I love Twilight! Edward Cullen is like, the hottest vampire in the world! I cry beccause of him all the time!

Scene Kid: Umm...I don't listen to Fall Out Boy, either. And I'm pretty sure that Edward Cullen doesn't exist. Oh and I'm also pretty sure that you're some kind of emo wannabe, gothish, freak. So...Bye!
by Sunshinebby! August 18, 2009
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