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the groups of kids, usually preps, who deciede they want to be part of this whole emo scene we have going on at the moment. they do this as they believe its cool and the thing to do when actually they end up looking like idiots as you can tell their fakeness.

1)when one deciedes they want to become emo, the first step is to buy a pair of converse, (the girls usually go for pink), as they see other "emo" kids wearing them. if they're really brave they might go a stap further and buy some checkered vans...how hardcore of them.

2)this is the stage when they add themselves to myspace and browse the whole site looking for the real 'uns to add. most of the time they can be rejected but the ones who do accept them regret it later as they realise wannabe has now copied their layout,name etc.
they also take a photo of themselves,camera above them or in the mirror, with a screwed up look on their face to express their co-called pain.

3)the image change stage- this is the stage where mr & miss wannabe go and buy some new clothes to make them appear more emo. the girls find a cheap studded belt and some cheap-ass jewellery and some lame-ass t-shirt. the boys are them same too.

the really hardcore wannabes also dye their hair at this stage. they usually go for the black or reddish colour and mention the recent dye jobs at every chance they get stating they felt like "rebelling against their parents".

4) this is where they branch out and try going to a show. they move their lips a lot pretending they know the words when they dont or only know the choruses. the brave ones go up to the real kids and try to make convosation with them about their pain and deathwishes. none of which they have.

so their, we have it. the 4 main stages of emo wannabe-ness. of course we have other tiny changes we see happening in between but lets face it, the wannabes aren't helpin themselves,are they?

emo wannabe girl - so i bought some converse at the weekend.

real kid - great, i heard you got a ticket to the used show later this week?

wannabe - YEAH! cant wait. great place to tell everybody about how emo i am and i can express my pain.

real kid - why? the shows about listening to the music and why the heel did you just label yourself emo...all the idiots do that...your really low
by redxromance May 15, 2007

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