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the best hardcore band out there
wow emmure just fucked g bush
by jaimeSS April 05, 2007
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1) A band which only uses one string of their guitar except to play dissonances.
2) A band that rips off other bands (The Acacia Strain)
3) Any band that tries way to hard to be hardcore, (i.e. selling boxing gloves, advertising, "WEAR EM IN THE PIT")
4) A band where the lead singer sounds like he has a wad of jizz in his throat.
scene kid 1: Ay, XcumXswallowerX, did you go to that Emmure show?
secene kid 2: Yeah man, they were so br00tal, I didn't even realize I was at a gay bar.

Sane person 1: Did you go the emmure show?
Sane person 2: No, I'm not a retarded flamer.
by Tom Fucking Brady. February 04, 2009
Breakdowns that get you so hard (or wet), your floating in bodily fluids.
Dude, NEVER go to an Emmure show alone!!!
by Zero82992 January 07, 2011

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