Electronic Library Voice Information System

The computer generated voice on the phone that calls people to let them know that they have items being held at a library. Used in Pierce County, Washington
Elvis called. You have holds.
by KPR December 23, 2005

1. To impersonate Elvis Presley.
2. To visit Graceland.
3. To overdose on multiple prescibed and illegal drugs.
4. To die from an OD.
1. Tommy elvised in Reno last week at that convention last week.
2. We drove all night to elvis in Memphis.
3. Poor Cobain, he elvised himself real good.

To elvis:
I elvis, you elvis, we elvis...
by Dyersville Fan January 16, 2006
noun , an 'elvis' is a joint that has either been badly constructed or attended to.. resulting in prominent 'Sideburns' (i.e. uneven burning on one side during smoking), hence the musical reference.
Much debate rages on the subject of rescuing an Elvis, with the potential waste of cannaboids being a particularly thorny issue
Heard in after party conversation ; 'Sorry mate, its a bit of an 'Elvis', but i'm too wasted man!.. here, take the lighter'
by Prof Stretch July 02, 2006
Elvis is a handsome, calm and nice guy who is really smart and intelligent. He takes life easy and has a "live let live" life motion.
He is stubborn and wants things done in his way which could sometimes really annoy people but later corrects his mistake. He is the kinda guy who doesn't like being forced to do something but would love to do it by his own thinking.

He handles things in a smart and organized manner which is a massive turn on . He is also really strong and attractive which makes women really crazy for him.
Gosh!!! I feel so elvis about Jack
by njihia beauty July 19, 2016
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