A girl with hidden depths, and possibly Finnish roots. Someone with a deep love for music, both creating it and listening to it. A true beauty who brightens the day of anyone she happens to encounter. Has broken many hearts, but not on purpose.
Wow, who was that elvi? I think I just fell in love.
by Snorgalicious May 22, 2010
Shooting any type of digital screen out of frustration, misplaced rage or pure fun.
Man, if the game freezes again I'm gonna Elvis this damn TV.
by anticlassicpromodern August 11, 2011
The king, jumpsuits, style icon

Brought blues to the masses then developed his own sound

Whether you admit it or not, all pop/rock musicians are disciples of elvis

Got fat and stupid at the end, and turned into a bumbling bafoon.

Died while having a dump and fell forwards, was found with his arse in the air, and a turd in the bowl.

At his best in the 68 comeback special.
"Hey, I Like Your Goblin Fancy Dress Outfit!!

"Thanks, It Is Rather Elvish"
by Prem Shah September 06, 2006
The world's LARGEST elf.
Elvis was FANTASTIC until about 1974. All of that 74-76 stuff should be burned! His movies seem really dumb, and yet, somehow, they are very entertaining. Like Bruce Lee movies.
by Pat & Kelly O'Brian August 11, 2006
to be annoying; the act of irritation to another
Stop Being an elvi!!
by Elviana February 16, 2005
a male with really soft skin and is usally the popular one.
elvis has a soft body.
by chandler foster April 19, 2009
code name for a boy's play thing.
Carly loves when Elvis gets excited.
by Casey Neal February 11, 2008

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