Elbow is a term used in drug trafficking referring to a weight of a pound. The term comes from the abbreviation for pound, lb.
I can get an elbow for 3 grand.
by Republicans Suck December 22, 2009
a joint between your upper arm and forearm where you can bend, usually not backwards.
My elbow is dirty;I need to scrub it.
by Lauren November 12, 2004
a really fucking good band. not many people like them but they should. they are like coldplay with more originality. mmmmm elbow.
somewhere in the dustbowl, somewhere in the dustbowl, it fliies from
the other side of the woooorld.
by rathsangatas drink October 29, 2004
to 'chuck' or 'dump' a botfriend/girlfriend, to give them the elbow
I couldn't stand him so I gave him the elbow
by jmc September 27, 2004
to associate with someone as a friend
I though that a filmmaker would have better insight into people's perception if he had a chance to elbow with the troops. I guess I should have known better.
by The Return of Light Joker August 29, 2010
the sexiest part of the body
man i love elbows............ especially elbow skin
by childishgrl February 25, 2005
a joint between the forearm and the upper arm
i bent my elbow
by Jake January 01, 2004

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