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when a girl is giving you oral sex, you beat the fuck out of her, and steal her pet kitty and run away.
Molly: This guy el bandito'd me last night and took muffins. :(
by EvoSparco January 20, 2010
When fucking a girl doggy style right before you finish you put your dick in her ass and yell, "El Bandito!"
My girl is mad cuz I El Bandito'd her last night.
by Nic July 19, 2003
The act of inserting fingers covered in a pepper's juices into a person's vagina and/or anus, thus resulting in intense pain.
Fred: So after we hit up the Mexican place, I ended up giving my girl an El Bandito.
George: An El Bandito?
Fred: Yeah man! My fingers still had chili pepper on them, and I went to finger her. She was screaming!
by AlphaXTaco May 04, 2016
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