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A: A rapist or a molester with a very small penis. Usually of Spanish or Mexican decent i.e. the spanish naming. Bajo, refering to short and Bandito, refering to a common bandit or robber, literally meaning, "The Short Bandit".

B: Any person of spanish decent with a small penis.
Lisa: "So that bastard Ricardo raped you girl?"

Marisol: " Yeah chica, but that puta was El Bandito Bajo."

In most situations involving a Bandito Bajo both women, or men, end the conversation in racousious laughter, or tears, if said Bandito was a family member.
by HoboStabInsurance March 19, 2010
On of the gayest bands ever, usualally listenes to by scene homos
Charles: "Hey that band is totally gayer than A7x"
Anyone that's not gay: "Noy they aren't that's impossible."
by HoboStabInsurance March 19, 2010

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