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hottest girl you will ever meet. sexy and sweet--up for anything but still classy enough to take home to moms.
Just looking at Marisol gives me a boner.

Marisol's blow-jobs are the best.
by me091 January 07, 2010
Great to piss off. Adorable, loving, loyal and trustworthy.
Usually has Great hair, eyes and Body.
Marisol has a charm on everyone and impacts there lives so much that once you meet one you'll love them forever.
A heart made of pure gold. A true Friend. Competitive.
Marisol, is one that everyone adores and admires.
by The Billdog August 01, 2010
Spanish word meaning the 'sea and sun'. Can be used as a name.
I would like to visit Marisol.
by S.Bites August 18, 2009
sea and sun in spanish, from the spanish name Maria Soledad, bright sea in hebrew
"She had a certain aura surrounding her, so they named her Marisol"
by Solitud Snow February 03, 2010
A girl who looks like a horse/donkey with a big nose. Commonly an ugly girl.
Michael: Hey Angel, my dad baught 2 new marisols.
Angel: Whats a Marisol?
Michael: A horse that looks like a donkey.
by Horsey is big May 20, 2010
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