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slang for "ecological".
#ecological #eco #ecology #ecko #eko
by cigloverr July 04, 2009
pure in all that is
he is <b>ekos</b>
by </null> December 13, 2003
Ekos is a new creation/collection pet site. At joining, you design your "Alias", a canine creature that acts as your character. You can design, collect, and sell various masks and items you gain throughout the game.
Ekos is such a fun site! I have five masks already!
#pet #site #eko #sim #wolf
by Meggs1013 July 06, 2011
A greeting that in some social circles means "Get the fuck over here, Mate." In no way is it meant to be offensive, (Thats Australians for you). Closely tied to Werf
Ekos Mark the Manager, haven't seen you in ages, what have you been up to.
by Nick the Shifty September 06, 2005
LaRgO Pofolofski's alter ego.
See LaRgO.
by HalfMerci September 27, 2003
absolutely the sexiest cunt alive in the world today. Also reffered to as dayne
eko is so great is unbelieveable
by dayneko April 11, 2004
One who is retarded; to be mentally and/or physically retarded.
After a freak birth defect, my brother became eko.
#eco #retarded #mental #physical #stupid
by Andrew Brandau February 05, 2007
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