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Used in South African English and Afrikaans to express exasperation or disbelief. The word was first transliterated from the Xhosa language to Afrikaans, and then into South African English.
"So, there's been ANOTHER power outage, hey, bru? Eish."

"Daar is petrol in Suid-Afrika??? Eish!"
by Cpl. Springbok November 11, 2007
In South Africa it's an interjection and black people say eish if they made a mistake or are shocked etc.
Eish,I need to smoke some dagga!

Eish,I just got mugged!
by October 09, 2005
A South African word derived from Xhosa, now used in all languages within South Africa and some neighbouring countries.

Eish is one of the reasons South Africa is so great, it can express anything from excitement to horror.

I will explain in the examples:

1. Excited
2. Horrified
3. Angry
4. Happy
5. Shocked
6. Accident

A) Taxi

B) Domestic worker

"Hey, we're off to watch the latest blockbuster movie!"


"What's that behind you!"


"Um, not sure how to say this but I dropped your lamp and it shattered."


"We just won the Lotto!"


"Luke, I am your father"



A) Driver: "Accidentttt.....!!!"

Passenger: "Eish!"

B) Domestic worker: "yoh, dropped a dish. Eish not again."
by xX_Shox_Xx January 01, 2012
Used to describe a situation, person, thing, or mood. It can also be used as an exclamation. See also: sketch.
Eastland Mall is pretty eishy.
Those guys were so EISHY!
I am so eished out right now.
HOLY EISH! Listen to this...
by Casey March 07, 2004
a "valley-girl" type slang used to show a negative response to something. anything considered not cool could be called "eishy."

also the sound made when one farts after anal sex
", oh-ma-god, that guy was, like, sooooo eishy. he was, like, all over me and i was like, 'eiiiish.'

"hold on edward, i believe my browneye needs to lay an eish"
by fantabulous matty March 06, 2004
A short nickname for the noun Ayesha.
"Wass up, Eish?"
"Hey, there is Eish!"
"Eish woz ere 2006"
by Miss_A April 13, 2006
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