Dragging attention to listener by repeating the word "eh". To be said in a form of a question "eh?"
Let's play RO...eh? eh?
by Jonathan Liu April 29, 2004
Canadian mainstay of conversation.
"Eh?" "Eh!"
by Nick Hudson March 29, 2004
Used as an apathetic interjection, when one is asked a question, or asked to make a response to something you don't feel strongly about.
Person 1: Hey Man! How're you doing today?
Person 2: Eh.
Person 1: How bout them Cubs?
Person 2: Eh.
Person 1: (Pause) Dammit! Say something!
Person 2: Eh.
by Rothul April 18, 2004
A slang word both SOME American's and Canadian's say but in moderation. People seem to think however that Canadian's say it at the end and middle of every sentence which isn't true.
"It's not too bad out eh?"
by beckie17 August 25, 2007
The greatest catchphrase ever
An lo! The Lord entered the burger joint, and wisenly spake, "Eeeeeeeeeh"

-Happy Days 3:14
by Dillon Farnum January 25, 2005
the canadian word for...anything
"eh!" "eh." "eh?" "EH!!?!?!" "eh :(" "eh :)" "eh :O"
by Anonymous February 06, 2003
Yes, I knew that Major Crane. A half-hour after posting this definition I realized my mistake and recommended it for deletion.
They must not have deleted it because of how great an author I am.

And it is spelled Tristen, not "Tristan". Learn to spell the names of rash-faced Canadians correctly.
by Fatty Fat May 25, 2004

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