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Acronym for 'Cringing So Hard' or 'Cringe So Hard.' Usually used when someone finds something so awkward or uncomfortable that there are virtually no words to describe it.
When that cute guy in the hallway waves, and you wave back and say 'hi!," but then realize he was saying hello to his best friend walking behind you.

"OMG. CSH at that horribly awkward encounter"
by noname556 February 23, 2015
Acronym for Cool Story Hansel, first coined in the movie Zoolander

Also see Cool Story Hansel
Ellie: I ran.
Person: CSH
by morrislaptop May 14, 2012
A sarcastic phrase first popularised by the cult classic "Zoolander". The term itself now has many widespread social implications for its use.

The phrase is most commonly used in response to an anecdote which fails to convey any sort of interesting message. That is, the content of the anecdote is lackluster, boring or just plain irrelevant.

It is imperative to mimic the tone of Derek Zoolander when using the phrase as to give greater emphasis, it will also be more noticeable by your peer(s) as a sarcastic remark and not be misconstrued as a compliment.

Elongation of vowels is preferred but not essential, moreover Scandanavian accents or impersonations bring about best results when using this phrase.
Statement: "Whilst at work the other day I had to refill my stappler but I could only find size 4 stapples and the stappler only took size 3 which sucks. So yeah, it took me ages to find the right size stapples lying around the office."

Reponse: "CSH"
by tankrizzo July 02, 2007
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