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Person who exemplifies the worst qualities of an egomaniac and a mentally retared person. Implies both extreme stupidity, and unreasonable opinion of one's self worth.
Boy is my boss an egotard. Kim Jong Il would be an egotard if it wasn't for those darn nukes.
by Truuth December 04, 2004
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Someone who has a massive ego is constantly labeling other people and exposing their flaws to hide their own. Most often label people derogatory words like "faggot", "retard", "bitch", etc. or take gossiping to the extreme. Usually caused by jealousy, insecurity, and/or desire to be "cool" or "popular".
Bob: "Yo why does Jason even give a shit about that guy."
Joe:" I don't know he's probably a fucking egotard."
by Osndkvjdbmcjc May 05, 2017
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