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Person who exemplifies the worst qualities of an egomaniac and a mentally retared person. Implies both extreme stupidity, and unreasonable opinion of one's self worth.
Boy is my boss an egotard. Kim Jong Il would be an egotard if it wasn't for those darn nukes.
by Truuth December 04, 2004
Something or a series of somethings that may or may not be true, that are twisted in such a fashion as to present a dishonest view or views. Mastered by Michael Moore in his latest distortionary
FAHRENHEIT 9/11, The national debt is bigger then ever (but is actually a smaller pecentage of GDP)
by Truuth December 04, 2004
Propaganda in the form of a documentary. Usually a gross distortion of truth by the use of selective facts and hyperbole.
FAHRENHEIT 9/11, Nazi propaganda films, Planned parenthood brochures
by Truuth December 04, 2004
Party other than Democrat or Republican in the US. Not relevant to mainstream politics. Voted for by idealists who lack the pragmatism gene.
Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, Greens, Constitution Party, Libertarians
by Truuth December 04, 2004
Lamer 3rd party presidential loser. Voted for by people without the pragmatism gene.
Ralph Nader - Loser with a pathetic 406,924 votes.
by Truuth December 04, 2004
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