Self Concept; the persons own definition or idea of his or her own self worth - value and capability of the individual - in relation to the external world surrounding the individual. A person can have a big ego and have an idea of his or her worth where it is bigger than what the external world reflects; and therefore become depressed when the world refuses to mirror the persons self concept; this is also related to narcissism (NPD) where a 'narcissist' is the same thing as a person with an overinflated - but still weak - ego.

A big - inflated - ego is not the same thing as a -strong- ego; where a strong ego is more about exterminating false ideas of ones self the person is born with; which contains ideas of omnipotence and other mythological concepts we openly culturally only accept in 'gods' or superheroes but is still available as a subconcious self-concept among people with weak yet inflated egos; where accepting the lack of realism among these over-inflated traits and therefore discarding them as available in oneself (and others) and accepting weaknesses and flaws as a respectable - unavoidable; occuring in all individuals - part of the personality; thus removing insecurities and fears of loss of value since the person understands he has no value or traits that makes him or her superior to other to begin with. And therefore can't lose value in displays that demonstrates he or her lacks superior traits.
Western feminist women have inflated; yet extremely weak egos; which they protect by projecting all traits that threaten their image and imagined greatness as a gender towards men.

Making western men appear as sexist primitive pigs unable to reason rationally and take control over their sex-drive; while actually that is a defining trait of women as a gender.
by Creger May 26, 2013
Ego is legion, demons inside us, an army of demons triying to use you and your energy to survive.

Ego divides in seven heads, wich explains the seven demons Crist expeled from Mary Magdalene, or the seven demonds Crist expeled from the wild man and threw them to the pigs.
Its heads are the famous seven sins from christianity:

As sons of god we have an escence of our father inside, wich we have to find and encarnate. To do it we must observe ourselves and know ourself and eliminate every thoughts and actions coming from the ego. That reminds me what says at the Temple of Delphos (or something like that) "Know yourself, and you will have knolegde of god and the whole universe".

We are asleep, we live like machines, CONTROLED. People live and die and at the end they didnt even know the purpose of their existence. We must wake up and think for ourselves, not what the ego tells us to do. Eliminate what controls you and find out who you really are, no matter what religion you practice or no.

97% of the thing that comes across our minds is not us, its ego. We must awake our consciousness and only live the PRESENT wich is the only real thing, the past passed and the future is uncertain.
One example of each head, however millions of examples exist.

Why do we have to watch every good looking girl/guy with the intentions of violating her/him? it even happens when we have a girlfriend/ boyfriend.

Why do you want so much when you can survive with only the necesary? Anything you have stays in the grave in the day of your death... remember that.

Who does that guy think i am? I will kill him. I am the best around here i can do whatever i want, nobody can beat me!.

Screaming at wifes in front of kids, killing people for nothing, like recently in my country a guy stabed another guy for a passager, when the ride only costs around 1 dollar.

Eating more than you are supposed to, taking more than you need (anything, not just food).

Girls keep criticizing each other just by watching their clothes, live your life let other live theirs. People wanting the partner of their neighbors, or the car, etc.

I gotta wake up to go to work, while ego in your head telling you: nah sleep a bit more its nothing, you still have time. Having to do a school job and waiting for the last moment to do it.
by Gnostic Student July 27, 2012
A song by Beyonce, where she cleverly talks about a certain someones dick size. She repeatedly mentions how his "Ego" is: too tough, too strong, too big, too wide, and how it won't fit. I think Jay-Z is taking viagra. And in the remix, Kanye West throws in how his "hahaha ego" is so big, and he wants her to "stroke my big hahaha ego". Nice. But I do love the song. =D
1). "Oh baby, I love your big ego!"

2). Beyonce: "You have suuch a big ego, I dont think it will fit. It's too strong, too wide, too big, it just WON'T FIT!!!"

Person that isnt easily tricked: "Hmm..I wonder what THATS supposed to mean"
by Girl_who_LOOOVES_big_ego's=] July 26, 2009
Performing oral sex upon a female. (E)ating a (G)irl (O)ut. Sounded out (Ego, as in "He has a huge ego. He needs to get over himself.")
My girlfriend wants E.G.O., but I'm just not comfortable enough with her.
by BirdintheHand September 01, 2010
This is something trumpet players have a large one of.
How many trumpet players does it take to change a light bulb? Only one. He just stands on his ego.
by BobbyBird October 10, 2014
Enlightened Genius Organization. A new music group recently out taking instrumentals of great songs and bringing them to a new level, consisting of two main artists.
Hey, did you hear that new E.G.O. song?
Yeah that shit was hot
by musiclikewoe June 15, 2011
In Psychology, it is the balancing diplomat which regulates the instinctual desires of the Id and the narcissistic satisfaction of the superego. Kind of like what America's president does to appease democrats and republicans.
Jacques' Id had desired to rape the petite Christian girl and dump her, his ego wanted to marry her, have kids with her and then divorce her, and lastly, his superego wanted to marry her, have kids with her, and make her his cooking sex slave.

^Revolting, perhaps, but also inherent, and somewhat eternal.

Refer to Beyonce's song, "Ego".
by TheGuywiththeGunSword February 09, 2012
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