when a mans hair line receeds an abnormal amount, leaving behind a bald large shiny forehead, a lot of young black guys refer to this a a cuss
see mans hair, he's got proper egg roll dan
by yadaddytdon January 03, 2009
1) the food of chinese origin consisting of many different food stuffs wrapped in a thin,bread shelling that has been deep-fryed
2) the act of rolling eggs
3) the act of putting eggs into rolls
4) a usual form of Ninja Verbal Assualt
dese eggrolls be tasty, dawg
aw, yee...
by KurDt January 26, 2005
To be a creepy old man that measures young girls thighs and "lifts" with young girls.
look at egg rolls over there lifting with stick
by Gegangen January 22, 2015
Another Name For A Small Penis
The Other Night When I Was With Nick I Found Out He Has A Total Egg Roll
by <3shuaa<3 February 05, 2010
Its a undercover word for negroes..... Used in front of black people without them noticing!
I'm tired of running into these worthless eggrolls.
by ineedabettersn2 August 17, 2010
an annoying rash on the bottoms of your genitailia aka joshua ruth
joshua "eggroll" ruth
by penisslayer69 April 12, 2010
To post a misleading link that promises some interesting or useful content, but actually leads to "the egg song" a japanese influenced flash cartoon. A variant on the rickroll
Instead of locating the super-secret Tron 2 trailer, featuring Lindsey Lohan's left breast as Bit, Jeff was once again eggrolled. Damn.
by alernon August 06, 2008
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