When a girl has no pubes. Usually, aimed at underaged chicks.
The chick I was fuckin last night had an eggshell finish
by NQ January 26, 2003
Top Definition
An old car that once was upscale, but long since prime. Usually a smaller, ~20+ year old car, starting to rust; passed off as a car that could still compete with todays newer cars.

At some point we all had them:
Getting rusty at the edges, engine noise get louder every year, dents and dings, faded paint, about to graduate to hooptie status ect.,

Used car lots sell these to lower income people, mexicans, and destitute niggas at high finance charges.
She needs to get rid of that egg shell and get a real new car.
by Adeola May 18, 2006
(v) Eggshelling is when one or more parties engage in sexual intercourse with a woman, eventually ejaculating onto the top of her head, then waiting for a period of time for it to harden (normally takes 4-5 healthy men about 3 hours to accomplish) After the time it takes to harden, the men take turns donkeypunching the eggshellee in the back of the head to crack the headwarmer they created.

(Also Commonly known as the Cum-Helmet, Skeet-Hat, and Dapper Dan's Skull Cap of Fun)
Jamie Eggshelled me last night and now my hair is filled with sperm and i have really bad bruises on the back of my head.

I DARE you to eggshell that chickenhead, make her smazz or you haven't done it right, ya hear?
by Televangilist #247 August 30, 2006
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