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Nigerian slang; Going out to of your way to to impress people, especially the oppsite sex. Trying to look fly.
Mr A: "Did he see that? he pulled up to the club in a bentley,... enough efizzy"

Mr B: "Yeah but I bet he dosen't have a dime in his pockects after paying for that car"

With all my efizzy at the club the other day, the girls' panties literally disappeared!!
by Meka O August 17, 2010

Nigerian slang; Things that are done to make something seem better than it is. Acts, effects and other things to make projects, events and so on seem spectacular, outstanding, nice, or appealing.
The show was not really impressive because there was too much efizzy in their dance routines.

He doesn't really know how to drift because he was doing a lot of efizzy and making tire smoke.

The concert was amazing even though they did a lot of efizzy.

The efizzy in her music makes it sound very nice.
by Gear head December 12, 2013
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