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A form of English that includes a multitude of time-saving abbreviations and acronyms, e-English is the language of choice for informal emails, instant messages, cell phone text messages, and blogs.
"Bye bye for now" in e-English is "BB4N"

"Taking a shower" in e-English is "TAS"

"Pizza" in e-English is "P-ZA"
by Jakeosity March 21, 2006
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n. Pronounced (E-Eng-lish): The current and rapidly growing form of the English language, beginning c.1980 (postdating old, middle, and modern english), that has resulted from mass public use of electronic communication such as email and text-messaging.

adj. of or related to any word whose origins are directly rooted in electronic forms of communication.
Whereas slang has traditionally hampered communication between old and young generations, many people now additionally struggle to understand the rapidly changing and somewhat cryptic eenglish spoken by those who have grown up with computers.
by R.M. Brannon September 29, 2005
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