Noun eeks, a cigarette that is smoked.
Lets go for eeks man! - Lets go for a smoke
by fred Ggggjekl May 13, 2008
Top Definition
Used when scared, introuble,impatient, angry or ust generally distressed
('eek' Is suposed to sound like a mouses cry)
1. EEEK!!! that guy has a gun!!

2. 'Are you gunna dump her?'
- 'eek, i realy dunno yet'

by jack December 30, 2003
An expression of unpleasant revelation.
by cruznsquaw January 17, 2003
Mild expletive. Often used by girls when surprised
Eeks, my nail polish spilled.
by ToniReal January 02, 2009
Describes the act of slowly gaining rating points on an internet chess server by playing against many weak opponents for low odds.
For example if you only play against people who give you +1 for winning and
-15 for losing, then you are considered to be eeking them.
Stop eeking those fish you overrated eeker!
by Igor Bjelobrk November 12, 2004
The smallest, thinnest, line of coke or crystal you can give on a mirror.
Hey,give me an eek!
by clairemont babe 1982 May 11, 2006
Face. 1960s gayspeak
See example under "varda"
by Cocker Knee October 21, 2004
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