"An eejit is a person or animal with an implant in its head." (In Nancy Farmer's 'The House of the Scorpion', 2002)

In the book, people who break the law, do bad things, etc. are turned into eejits. Eejits are basically human robots. Eejits can only perform simple tasks, such as cleaning, harvesting, looking after animals, etc. An eejit can only perform tasks after it has been instructed to do so, and will continue to perform that task until instructed to stop.

Also a nicer way of calling someone an idiot, usually jokingly.
"The Farm workers are eejits!" cried Matt.

Rosa, a character in the story, was turned into an eejit for not looking after Matt properly because he was a clone.

A "Safe Horse" is an eejit; it will not eat, drink or otherwise move until it is told to do so or dies.

You're such an eejit!
by -Excalibur- June 15, 2008
Top Definition
Irish slang for "idiot"
by Cully April 01, 2003
An Irish term for a complete idiot
"Paddy you eejit!"

"Don't touch that! Look what you've done now you eejit!"

"George W Bush, what an eejit!"
by Futt Buckah May 17, 2005
nitwit, nincompoop, moron or thicko. Often used affectionately.
Wendy Lynch
by Ben S Demise March 24, 2004
person frequently involved in foolish acts, or person posessing little sense.
keith jardine
by milner December 12, 2003
origin Gaelic Irish slang term for 'idiot', 'fool' etc.
stop being such an eejit!
by CorkLangar! August 27, 2004
Irish for 'idiot'.
Made popular by Brian Friel's "Translations"
You are a complete eejit
by Rob Yeo March 19, 2005
Derivative of "Idiot". Meaning foolish or careless
I'm not letting Jonny borrow my new Playstation 2 - he'll wreck it the eejit.
by Steve M March 22, 2003

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