Daria - "As far as I can make out, edgy occurs when middlebrow, middle-aged profiteers are looking to suck the energy -- not to mention the spending money -- out of the "youth culture." So they come up with this fake concept of seeming to be dangerous when every move they make is the result of market research and a corporate master plan."
We only do edgy.
Is it edgy?
by Red Sewer Rat April 04, 2006
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Applied to books, music, or even haircuts which tend to challenge societal norms and reveal the dark side. Cutting edge.
Novels by Chris Crutcher, Adam Rapp, and Alex Flinn.
by Nikki March 21, 2005
the act of being edgy is basically teenage kids that think theyre cool. hardcore kids seem to think theyre the fucking edgyest things everr.
"why are you wearing that bandanna out of your pocket," says 9th grade homeroom teacher.

"because i'm effin edgy biotch," says asshole.
by btribe June 15, 2008
1-pushing the envelope
2- to be way out there
to be on the cutting edge or to be edgy
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
adjective describing someone in a tense state of mind; nervous; apprehensive
Jim: Why is Ed so edgy today when im around?
Jimmy: I fink he fucked your girlfriend last nite wen they were pissed.
by Gary March 25, 2005
1. In Glasgow (Scotland), to "keep edgy" is the act of watching out for teachers/police/law-abiding citizens while another of your friends commits a crime or prank of some kind.

2. The resulting cry from said look-out, announcing that teachers/police/law-abiding citizens are approaching.
1. "Ah wiz keepin edgy for Big Tam last night while he wiz knockin' some fanny's wheel-trims".

2. *sound of approaching diesel engine announces police car approaching*


*Everybody drops what they're doing and runs, only to turn around and discover the diesel engine belonged to a Black Hack*
by Unwept, The Lone Magpie August 29, 2005
An act, video, image or joke that is 100% to offend / piss someone off.
Dude you should really stop with the 911 jokes, they are really edgy!
by kekm8 October 13, 2014

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