An act, video, image or joke that is 100% to offend / piss someone off.
Dude you should really stop with the 911 jokes, they are really edgy!
by kekm8 October 13, 2014
high-strung, nervous
Why is he so edgy today?
by Light Joker August 13, 2005
Edgy is the way someone acts right after they buy a used Ford Edge. When they walk around thinking that they are now better than you, like they just purchased a new Lamborghini. Especially when the day before they were your best friend. And now because they own a used Ford Edge, their shit doesn't stink anymore.
Floyd: Hey Ryan, do you want to get a few beers after work?
Ryan: I'd love to but, I'm going to buy a used Ford Edge tonight for my wife.

Floyd: Awesome, you'll have to let me know how it goes.
Ryan: let's plan on tomorrow night for those beers brother!
Next morning: Floyd: Good morning Ryan, how'd it go last night?
Ryan: Yeah, about those beers, Ive got plans now. And by the way, we're not friends anymore!
Floyd: Dude, ever since you've bought that Edge, you've been a different person... so "Edgy"
by Floyder459er October 17, 2013
The ghetto side of trendy
Dude, you know what trendy means. Well, edgy is the ghetto side of trendy.
Using this idea, in a London context, Shoreditch could be seen as trendy, and Hackney or Bethnal Green, as edgy
by Gudrune May 04, 2012
When someone is edgy they are cooler than cool. They don't try and be that way they just are. Try-hard people aren't edgy.
"Cory Kennedy is so EDGY!"

in french:

"Cory Kennedy c'est tres AGEE"

edgy can be applied to people such as: Cory Kennedy(obv), Willa Holland, Peaches, Pixie, Kate Moss, Robert Pattinson, Ed Westwick etc.
by edgyedge September 08, 2009
the edge melty part of a container of ice cream
I want the edgies this time!
by yensta March 29, 2001
Arrogant show-off (N E England)
Look at that edgy bugger. Can't stop showing off.
by wgd March 07, 2006

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