A male with a 10" cock or longer.
That guy has penis like Eddy.
Richard's penis is not Eddy.
by Richard February 15, 2005
The most amazing guy in the entire universe! Every girl wishes they could have him because he is so perfect! He is very caring and will do anything for his girl<3 He's very sweet and kind, and will be nice to everyone<3 He's funny and super smart! He's athletic and musical and talented in every way possible! He's very loving and always chivalrous<3 OVERALL PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you eddy<3
by its_me! July 06, 2011
The one that I call mine. The cutest guy that has the biggest booty in the world. The sweetest guy with the perfect eyes. (:
That guy over there? With the big booty? Yeah he's Eddy, and he's mine.
by RachelRingooo! April 11, 2011
sexy,fine kid who knows how to do his thing right...
makes nilla go ahhhhhhhhh fresh air
811 is the date
whos that? oo thats that boy eddy he got a girl named nilla.
by nilla gorilla October 15, 2008
Coolest guy in the United States of America, or possibly even the world. Strikingly handsome with many skills and abilities that make most others seem inferior. Referred to as Josh, Eddy, Edward, Eduardo, Edwin, Tooler, Edwin Tooler, and Pedro.
Pretty girl- "I thought of Josh Eddy Edwards at work today and fainted"
by hugeitem1413 December 14, 2010

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