-A car that Mitsubishi designed to ruin the racing industry. Unless it does not have 3 letters after the word Eclipse, it is a waste of plastic!

-Usually the car in the parking lot with the unpainted body kit and wing that taps street lights as it goes by.
"Hey Mike I just hooked my car up with the new SLP intake..."

"Really, I just got put an Eclipse sticker on my windsheild just in case someone cant guess what it is!"
by Iceman March 08, 2005
A day time blackout.
Blacking out while the sun is in the sky.
"Didn't I see you at the ΕΦΣ day drink on Saturday?"
I don't know, maybe, I eclipsed by noon.
by Apps3C June 25, 2011
When you moon someone and reveal your twig and berries through your legs as you bend over.

A moony and sunny and the same time.
Warwick mooned over the balcony at the girls...I gave a solar eclipse.
by AutumnGaslight August 02, 2009
When a girls boobs are so big, they leave a shadow on her stomach.
Guy: Her boobs are huge! Whats her bra size?

Me: It's an Eclipse! Probably a D.

Guy: :D
by GorFace January 11, 2011
Street name for the psychedelic research drug, 2C-E.
Bro, I swallowed 25mg of eclipse last night and reached enlightenment.
by gnarlos June 21, 2010
The 3rd book in the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer. In this book, a rampage of newborn vampires from Seattle come to Forks, and are after Bella Swan. The werewolfs and Cullens team up against them. Bella agrees to marry Edward Cullen, and turns down the unbelieavably funny and sexy Jacob Black which was probably the worst decision of her life.

Random Girl 2: I know!
by teamacob1111 July 24, 2009
The act of mooning someone while also giving a glimpse of the testicles and/or penis.
He tried to just moon me, but I got a little eclipse action because his sack was peeking through.
by wonder weasel April 14, 2006
THE hottest chick you will EVER encounter! shes got a banging body with a killer attitude she acts like the shit because she is :)
see that chick, shes an eclipse
by eclipsiepoo April 05, 2011

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