Evil, except in much more severe terms. Like, just think of the word "evil" times 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.
My Chinese teacher is SOOOOO EBiL, because she rapes all her students, eats their internal organs, and then sells the remaining corpses on eBay. Plus, she jacks-off to pictures of starved kids in Africa.
by Boblily March 08, 2008
Top Definition
1) Plesantly or cutely evil. 2) Slighly Evil But without malicious intent.
"Chocolate Sauce on French Fries! Thats just Ebil!"
by Falerin Ardendor May 17, 2004
Evil beyond evil. A cute, fuzzy thing gone terribly, terribly wrong.
Man, did you see what that Zorbak did to the Moglins? Forcing them to sing Britney Spears songs in pink, frilly dresses .... that was just EBIL.
by Leene November 20, 2006
A silly or cute alternative of the word evil.
You're such an ebil bashturd!
by Dalton April 20, 2004
A typographical error that have evovled into a cute/funny way of writing evil.
1: "b" is located just beside "v" on a qwerty keyboard.

2: 2000 round per minute AND explosive rounds? Man, that is just ebil.

3: She hid the paper he intended to cheat at the exam with? Ebil.
by Lazareth Link February 11, 2005
A cute way of saying "evil".
"You're so ebil!"
by Felicia January 31, 2003
1) Pleasantly or cutely evil. 2) Slightly Evil But without malicious intent.
The previous poster has the same definition but with misspelled words which is just ebil for an English fanatic like me.
by LadyPegasus August 09, 2015
A person trying to be evil.
Muahahahaha! I am so ebil!
by laugeinggirl July 20, 2009
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