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Excessive laughing, to crack up. Pronouced "lawje" (in a french accent).
That made me lauge!
I'm laugeing!
Random things made me lauge!
by laugeinggirl July 19, 2009
The effect ramen noodles give on you.
Pronounced rah-med.
I'm so ramed.
I love being ramed!
by laugeinggirl July 20, 2009
A person trying to be evil.
Muahahahaha! I am so ebil!
by laugeinggirl July 20, 2009
An adjective for an incredibly stupid person, or a person without a clue. Pronounced - jo(in french accent)-kay
He's so jokey!
You are such a stupid jokey clueless idiot!
by laugeinggirl July 22, 2009

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