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A town in westchester where stupid closed minded guido's think they are in the mob or think that they are black(wiggers love to yell out DIPSET or G-G-G-Gunit at school), who also like to walk like penguins with their feet out. They also like to wear armani exchange and act gay. Some seriously dangerous WHITE gangs you should look out for are the "E-thugz"-sophmores now and they go around smoking cigarettes and pretending to be black. After that, you have the most hardcore gang "The Family or La Familia" which is supposed to be an italian based gang, but is run by an irish kid named Jesse. Well then, this town is full of wiggers and they do nothing and are going to live in this town for the rest of thier lives because they are pieces of shits.
"Yo Sal, ehhhh you get dat fuucckiin mattth tesst" "Nah, tony i gots it a little bit later"
"Yo, BRO you see see da new fuuckin honda, it's the bomb bro"
"E-thugz, yeah i hear they have good dental"
"eh, you fucking pyzone goomba"
by anti-italian May 13, 2005
A town where Italian-American kids think they are ghetto in spite of the fact that they hate black people and drive BMW convertibles and Volkswagen Jettas to school while blasting rap, ironically. A place where parents pass on their working class Bronx values to their upper middle class children. A place where kids decide they should speak in a fake Bronx accent because they lived in Riverdale until they were 2. A town that will never let you forget it is only 5 miles from "Da Bronx."
People in Eastchester are a bunch of morons, but people at SUNY Binghamton were even more moronic, so I actually do miss Eastchester High in some ways.
by YO Man June 30, 2004
There were two black people in the entire school when I went to Eastchester High School. That tells you something.
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
A town in New York which welcomes every version of BMW and Mercedes cars on the market. These cars are usually driven by italian princesses and guidos, bought fully by their parents. You can find a majority of guidos hanging out at the local gas station Exxon, which attracts all the guidos like moths to a bright light at night. Most girls seen in this town are mindless bitches that want to get "crunked" with their asshole boyfriends who regularly beat them and call them sluts, when ironically the guys are the reason why they're sluts to begin with. Just look for Honda Civics and the Acura CL 3.2-S and you'll find most of these girls. If you start to develop a Bronx accent out of nowhere, you've been in this town for too long. We're all white, but somehow we're "niggas." Cops in this town have nothing better to do than bother teens who just want to chill, rather than bust real crime. You will get arrested for basically anything, and you can't even sit in your car in the middle of the day without a cop saying "Either you leave, or I'll give you a ticket for your tinted windows." They also make outrageous claims that you have "illegal headlight covers" on your car, when in fact you have stock headlights that you have never touched.
FITTY CENT!!!!!!!!!
by CGT3 June 07, 2005
A town in Westchester where kids think they are "niggas" who are "from" the South Bronx because they lived in the Bronx's upper middle class Country Club section until age 1.
Eastchester is full of guidos
by YO Man December 12, 2004
A suburb of New York located 5 miles north of the Bronx. Kids here think they are "ghetto" yet they drive fancy Jettas that nobody in the ghetto could possibly afford.
I was the only Jew in Eastchester and very bitter about it.
by John December 03, 2003
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