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The most badass group of paintballers on pbnation, and to ever exist period. Famed e-thugz aftker fk47 the almighty jackass of Pbnations moderating crew decided to go on a rampage due to a hissyfit cause his agg hk headband wasnt on right that day so he couldnt pick up enough young hotties at SC Village that day so he flipped out on the best Pbnation has to offer (E-thugz). Not only did the ethugz make him look like a jackass but he has since been relieved of his moderation of the Angel Owners Group or Angel Paintball Sports thread on pbnation (formerly Wdp), and now frequates the HK thread hitting on young piantballers who want to be agg. The E-thugz are still legit and prolly some of the most badass people you will meat. Notable examples are chunky and DrStrangLove but there are many more.
Fk47 wishes he was an Ethug, but then again non of you E-thugz hodlums are fit for moderation.
by Yuik January 09, 2008
e thugz tan all the time. they always get their eyebrows done and their nails are 147 feet long. they use ginormous guido clips to hide that their hair is falling out from too much straightening. they live in eastchester. they are all rich and theyre straight ballerrrrsss even though they can count on one hand the number of times they've been to the bronx. dont mess with e thugzz holllaaaaaaaa
ayo son, lets go get our eyebrows done and e thugz hollaaaa dipsett
by e- May 02, 2008
douche bags on pbnation, and angel owners who think that they are cool because they like to fuck men and lick dicks
yo man im an /"E-Thugz" cuz i own an angel man.
by people who hate e-thugz December 18, 2007
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