A deaf lesbian
Tina: Hey chika, lookin pretty fine!
Stacy: (silence)
Tina: Cmon! Whats wrong?
Jill: Don't worry Tina, she's just an Earmuff
by Rostra Maximus March 20, 2011
A sex position where a girl lays on top of you facing away and you pull the back of her knees behind her head with your hands crossed and you cover her ears with your hands.
ear muffs - not applicable
by TREXwPEX July 15, 2010
When a man gets a blow job while taking a shit. Holding his hands over her ears forcing her to finish before finishing his shit.
Jeremy "taking that dump was so much easier after blowing my load in her mouth." "Had to use the earmuffs technique"
by allstar711 October 08, 2010
when a man blows it in his hand and proceeds to spread it on her ears then continues by shaving his pubes and attatching them to the semen making some kinky earmuffs.
her ears were cold so i made her some earmuffs
by Shiblet February 06, 2008
When two vaginas are facing both ears of a human, and begin to gyrate back and forth upon the ear.
I come home from work to have my two female roommates earmuff me!
by Brilliant March 30, 2005

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