The amazing feeling you get from a Q-tip, or a finger in your ear.
When i used that Q-tip I had an eargasm!
by ninjacow September 28, 2011
the moment of climax,when you hear something very pleasing to the ears
colt:dude did you hear that new Born Of Osiris solo
justice:yeah bro,it gave me an eargasm
by DisfiguredOsiris August 02, 2011
noun & verb.

when you're listening to music you really like, and become sexually aroused.
this phrase can also be used in accordance with someone's voice.
Chester French makes me eargasm!

orr: I was talking to Erik and had a total eargasm.
by Little Miss Tee May 09, 2009
1. A joke or song that sounds so great it feels like there is an orgasm taking place in your ear.

2. A dick in your ear.
1. "Thats what she said."
"HAHAHA! Thats eargasmic!!!"

2. "What? I can't hear you! There's a dick in my ear!"
by Redhawk17 February 23, 2009
When you're listening to a song/artist and it suddenly feels like fingers are sliding down your back. You throw your head back and float.
"Tokio Hotel's music is really eargasmic!"
by Liebebill June 13, 2007
When you're listening to some REALLY good music and it's so good that your ears have an orgasm.
Me- Hey come listen to this song! It's really good.
Friend- OMG I just had an eargasm!
by Bre:) July 25, 2011
when you stick a q-tip in your ear real far and it feels like your getting off. it feels soooooo good.
i just cleaned my ears and jizzed in my pants. i totally had an eargasm.
by sons of bundy January 09, 2011

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