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Usually described with music, in myspace/bebo or whatever you use, it will have as a heading: earporn and then it will have your favourite music.

can also be used about gossip

example 1:

Eargasm: Kate nash, the killers, etc

example 2:

quick ring me, i've got a major eargam about Molly down the street.
by Elliotstars October 15, 2007
Something which Dr. Dre allegedly distributes with his "mellow accent".
After hours of listening to "The Chronic" I concluded that eargasms do not exist and that Dr Dre is a beat-jacking spunk monkey.
by moolz January 19, 2005
Originally used to describe the intense sensory rush achieved by wearing earplugs up to a week before a concert, then removing them just prior to The Band (who cares about openers anyway?)
It's been rough at work trying to hear with these earplugs, but the bass kick will give me one helluva eargasm.
by JayDub May 04, 2004
1. when your ear twitches
2. your ear is in extreem pain
while i was walking down the street i had a eargasm.
by sarahlou June 09, 2007
The ejaculation of spunk into the ear of either oneself or ones partner(s).
1)She couldn't hear for weeks after I gave her that last eargasm.

2)Her fear of facial cum reception caused her to turn her head, resulting in an eargasm.
by Tim February 26, 2005
1.An orgasm of the ear to anything sounding really good
2.Song you are currently listening to, instead of saying Currently Playing.
3.Often used on Myspace.com,or Xanga or any type of online journal
4.Music in General
She whispered in my ear and i had an eargasm just then.
Eargasm: Benni Benassi - "Satisfaction"
by EnJ May 21, 2005
The euphoric bliss achieved while using a Sony portable music player.
Once I started fondling the buttons of my new Sony Bean i reached Eargasm before the chorus of the first song.
by Rockr July 12, 2006